Distance at work made simple.

November 19, 2020

Since the coronavirus pandemic erupted in early 2020, energy companies have introduced various worksite measures to ensure social distancing – and keep tabs on contacts – all with varying levels of success. Always looking to provide best practice and lead the way digitally, Craig International has secured exclusive access to an out-of-the-box wearable tech solution to answer this precise issue.

A Space Band is a wearable transmitter that looks like a smartwatch – worn on a lanyard or around your wrist. When two people wearing Space Bands get too close, the devices light up, beep and vibrate a warning. Space Bands also link to a mobile app for instant, accurate contact tracing, and can be programmed to allow ‘bubbles’, or to adjust permitted distances.

Equipping your workforce with Space Bands is an instant, affordable way to safeguard your team. It will also drastically lower the risk of transmission and help reduce anxiety in the workplace. Providing assurance during these challenging times. See this product on eBuy https://ebuy.craig-internation...