Sustainable Procurement

Reduce, reuse, recycle

At Craig International, we pioneered smart procurement for the oil and gas industry. With an expert international team and unrivalled access to manufacturers and vendors around the world, we’ve built systems and delivered economies that make procurement leaner and less wasteful.

But now it’s time to get tough. Sustainability and environmental responsibility are top of the agenda for client businesses, industry bodies, governments and consumers. Concern for environmental issues is likely to become ever more intense in years to come, and it’s a concern that we at Craig International share.

Responsible Procurment

Sustainable Future

Happily, we’re in a position to do something about it. We’re adapting our working methods and choosing more sustainable options wherever we can. In our own business, we’re reducing our carbon footprint and reducing waste in our offices, stores, vehicles and working patterns. We can also have a huge impact by influencing our partners, suppliers and customers.

We source millions of items every year. From major pieces of engineering equipment worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to tail spend MRO items, upstream, downstream and beyond. We’re actively engaging with suppliers to fulfil their environmental responsibilities and working with oil majors to deliver sustainable product options. We call this initiative EcoBuy, and it’s a key element of our business plan for now and the future.

Realise the value in surplus stock


We’re also committed to helping our customers work more sustainably. One example is our EnergySurplus service, which helps businesses all over the world to buy and sell unwanted materials and equipment. Not only does it cut waste and save on raw materials, but EnergySurplus also allows our customers to realise value tied up in surplus stock.

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Making the procurement world go around

Circular Economy

At Craig we’re aiming for a circular economy, where resources remain in use for as long as possible to extract maximum value with minimum waste. We’re actively looking to engage with like-minded businesses - as suppliers and as customers - so we can work together to achieve real progress.

We’re delivering more and using less. It’s good for business - and it’s good for the environment.