Environmental Policy


As providers of procurement, services relating to the energy & industrial sectors worldwide the company have recognised the importance of its environmental responsibilities; consequently the company have produced this policy statement to act as a framework for developing environmental objectives and targets in an effort to focus its intention of continuous sustainable environmental improvement to enhance environmental performance.

This Environmental policy and its implementation is the responsibility of all staff.

CI will:

Place the minimisation of corporate environmental impacts as a recognised and fully understood corporate priority and will endeavour to protect the environment from harm and degradation including the prevention of pollution.

Fully understand the requirements of all its compliance obligations which relate to its environmental impacts. Where appropriate meet or exceed the requirements of such applicable compliance obligations.

Promote the adoption of energy efficient methods in undertaking its business activities to reduce energy usage in line with energy policy and environmental objectives

Reduce the impact of transport operations by organising vehicle routing to minimise distance travelled and where possible organising direct deliveries from suppliers.

Ensure the adoption and management of the company’s environmental procurement policy with the intent of minimising related environmental impacts when procuring on behalf of clients.

Provide the necessary training and motivation for employees, to allow a full understanding of the company’s environmental policy and ensure that they can contribute to its implementation.

Encourage the development of an environmentally responsible attitude by contractors, suppliers and customers.

Where significant hazards are identified, develop and maintain a plan and procedures for emergency preparedness.

Monitor and reduce the waste generated by the company, promote recycling and reuse or disposal with minimal environmental impact. Generally recognise the need to prevent pollution in all its undertakings.

Maintain an environmental management system to manage the company’s environmental activities and conduct regular environmental audits to assess compliance and identify areas for continual improvement of the environmental management system to enhance environmental performance.

Adopt an attitude of openness towards staff and other stakeholders, informing them of the company’s environmental policy and recognising any legitimate concerns they may wish to express about the company’s position on environmental matters.


J. MacDonald Date: 12/01/24

Joint Managing Director Review Date: 31/01/25


  1. Monitor the Energy Efficiency of our business with the aim of a 2% reduction on previous year’s figures
  2. Business Systems ensure ongoing implementation and where possible continuous improvement of the Environmental Management System with the aim of on-going compliance to ISO 14001:2015.
  3. Monitor recovery and recycling volumes with a view to an increase on the previous year.
  4. Commence work on Carbon Management Plan data gathering.
  5. Determine external and internal environmental issues that are relevant to the company’s activities.
  6. Determine the interested parties that are relevant to the environmental management system and determine their requirements.
  7. Consider the issues identified in (4), the requirements in (5) and determine the environmental risks and opportunities that need to be addressed and consequent actions required.

Date: 11/01/24 Review By: 31/01/25

Jill MacDonald: Joint Managing Director