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Realise the value of surplus stock


The ebuy ENERGY SURPLUS platform provides a central hub for collaboration customers to upload, buy and sell surplus stock within an agreed group or to a global market.

We have worked together with major Oil & Gas companies to develop our platform, ensuring it is tailored to the needs of the industry.


An easy process

Click Collaborate Trade

The platform facilitates interaction between companies by communicating offers & counter offers between Buyers & Sellers up to acceptance or rejection.

Surplus stock items are uploaded via a set template (csv), items are categorised and fully searchable, additional item documentation can be requested/uploaded during the buying/selling collaboration process.

The platform currently covers a range of Oil & Gas equipment including Cementing Equipment, Tubing & Casing, Drillbits, BOPs, Valves, Pumps & Compressors.

We make it happen

List a little or a lot

We recently uplifted and redeployed over 4000 items of surplus equipment from a client in the UK. That’s approximately 120 pallets of surplus stock items now back in operation. Just sign up to our online Energy Surplus collaboration service and you can list practically anything.

Once it’s on the platform, our customers all over the world can see your stock and ask for a quote through the system.

Whether you’re buying or selling, all you need to do is agree the price and confirm the deal, we’ll just make it all happen!

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Latest Surplus stock items


3 Lifeboats for sale

Right now there are three used lifeboats on offer in the Energy Surplus section of eBuy. For the full spec of these and thousands of other products - and to list your own surplus supplies and equipment click the link below.

Lifeboat information:

  • 8.6m
  • 55 person Schat Hardings of dw4700lbs

Contact us for more information.

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