Craig International secures antibacterial products for industry

April 08, 2020

At Craig International, forever innovative and the market leader, we recognised early during this health crisis the need for a non-flammable cleaning and hand sanitisation range for the energy industry. So, we’ve been working hard alongside a leading industry body to bring this exclusive solution to market while others focussed on running with the crowds, and some profiteering from this unprecedented situation, we at Craig International, always thinking outside of the box…..not just another procurement company!

EXCLUSIVE: Oil & Gas UK Members working together to address the shortage of Hand Sanitiser and Antibacterials for cleaning and decontamination due to the COVID 19.

Working closely with key suppliers in the North East of Scotland, Craig International has secured exclusive access to fellow OGUK member Oil Technics Group’s proprietary solutions and production of high-performance infection control products.

These products which have been tested to EN International Standards include alcohol-free, non-flammable hand sanitiser and high-level surface disinfectants - to meet the needs of the energy industry during these challenging times.

Manufactured in Aberdeenshire, and supplied to the NHS, the alcohol-free Enduro Hand Sanitiser has sixty-second kill rates against bacteria and remains active for up to 4 hours after application.

Unlike alcohol-based products which may cause skin irritation and lead to dermatitis, dermatologically tested Enduro Hand Sanitiser moisturises and protects the hands of your workforce and, being alcohol-free and water-based, is non-flammable.

With a global shortage of hand sanitiser products and ever-increasing safety measures being put in place to protect people continuing to work, you can be confident that Craig International can supply you with the infection control products you need - and, with products priced as normal, there are no outlandish costs to the industry.

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