Procurement powering the winds of change.

July 20, 2020

Craig International is delighted to now be registered as a procurement partner to supply two of the most important offshore wind generation clusters in UK waters - Forth & Tay Offshore, and DeepWind.

Globally, for over twenty years, we've successfully delivered the most efficient, digitally-focused and eco-friendly procurement service available to the oil and gas industry. So, as the world embraces wind, wave and solar power, naturally, we are already supplying significant renewable projects both on and offshore and increasing market share all the time.

Our digital procurement platform, eBuy continues to play a central role in our procurement strategy, with its ease of use, time-saving features and ability to respond to customers' needs, 24/7.

With our EcoBuy service, we're also leading the way in environmentally responsible procurement, where our suppliers reduce, reuse and recycle for the good of the environment - a key element of our business plan for the future.

We're thrilled to be playing our part in the rapidly expanding global renewables sector - a perfect fit for our agile, transferable experience and existing worldwide footprint.

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